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Elegant's Smart LED Mirror Is Shining at the 27th KBC Exhibition


As a company with 22 years of manufacturing experience, we are proud to participate in the 27th KBC Exhibition, and we are displaying our latest products, smart mirrors. This high-profile exhibition is becoming an excellent platform for us to showcase our technology and products, and we can't wait to share with you the unique features and excellent quality of the smart light mirror.

The 27th KBC Exhibition is one of the largest and most influential sanitary and kitchen industry events in Asia. The exhibition gathers the world's leading enterprises, professionals and audiences, providing them with a platform for communicating, cooperating and exploring the latest industry trends. At this dynamic and innovative exhibition, we are showcasing our smart light mirrors and discussing future development opportunities with industry peers and potential customers.

Elegant's smart LED mirror is eye-catching because it combines three major features: human body sensing function, hidden mirror light strip and wireless charging function for mobile phones. The human body sensing function enables the light mirror to automatically turn on and off according to the approach and departure of people, providing users with a convenient experience. The feature of the hidden mirror luminescent strip protects the integrity of the mirror when the lights are off and will not be damaged by the light source. The mobile phone wireless charging function provides users with a more convenient charging experience. These unique features give our smart light mirrors a competitive advantage in the industry.

We look forward to sharing our technological innovations and excellent products with audiences and professionals from all over the world during the exhibition. The exhibition is a valuable opportunity for us to establish contacts with industry peers, expand cooperation, and understand market needs and trends.

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