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Elegant LED Mirror- More than 40 Product Patents


Elegant is a high-tech and specialized enterprise that manufactures and sells smart bathroom mirrors. Founded in 2000, Elegant is the first domestic company to integrate intelligent lighting and control systems into mirrors. We are also the first manufacturer to offer customized lighting mirror services, catering to the personalized needs of customers around the world. We can ship our products globally and have obtained over 80 patents that lead the industry. Our achievements have been recognized with multiple awards, such as the German Red Dot Award and the American IDEAS Design Award. Elegant is also involved in the development of national standards for the lighting mirror industry.


At Elegant, our research and development team accounts for 8% of our total workforce. We have obtained ISO9001, 14001, and 45001 certifications, and our products have passed domestic and international technical certifications. We strive to combine lighting intelligence with artistry, constantly diversifying our brand to meet the differentiated needs of customers worldwide, be it in terms of product appearance or functional features.


Elegant is a bathroom mirror company dedicated to providing high-end customized smart lighting mirrors, offering personalized customization services to users.


1. Intelligent Production: By utilizing Industry 4.0 technology and integrating our self-developed order management system, we achieve intelligent and seamless connection between order placement, production, and delivery processes. This improves production efficiency and quality while enabling prompt delivery to meet the demands of numerous customized orders. It also helps reduce production costs and minimize labor waste.


2. Personalized Customization: Through our smart lighting mirror customization service system, consumers can personalize their orders according to their specific needs. They can select dimensions, lighting functions, exterior designs, control systems, and more, thus satisfying their individualized requirements. Our smart design assistance system also aids users in customizing the most suitable products for themselves.


3. Intelligent Order Management: By utilizing our smart lighting mirror customization service system, we can intelligently manage production processes, equipment, and inventory. We can monitor order production progress in real-time, thus enhancing efficiency and quality while ensuring on-time delivery.


4. Enhanced After-Sales Service: Every order is automatically saved, allowing our smart lighting mirror customization service system to provide better after-sales support. We can quickly respond to customer questions and requirements, offering technical support, repair services, and providing additional information and advice to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in our products.


Elegant is dedicated to the artistic integration of lighting intelligence. Every year, we invest significant research and development funds to develop a variety of products. As a LED smart bathroom mirror manufacturer, we continuously update and optimize our offerings, innovating better products to facilitate brand diversification and cater to the differentiated needs of customers globally.


Furthermore, we collaborate with universities in industry-academic research projects and employ a large number of talented design and development professionals. By engaging with more high-level research topics, this cooperation contributes to the rapid growth of our company. Through our research and development capabilities and high-quality team, we constantly drive the development of the smart lighting mirror industry while providing improved products and services.


In summary, Elegant is a specialized enterprise with over 40 product patents, dedicated to smart lighting intelligence and customized services. By implementing intelligent production, personalized customization, intelligent order management, and enhanced after-sales service, we can meet the differentiated needs of customers worldwide and constantly innovate and optimize our products for brand diversification. Our collaboration with universities strengthens our fast-paced development. We will continue our commitment to driving the development of the smart lighting mirror industry and providing exceptional products and services.

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