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How to light your home?
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Lighting could be the most simple decoration for modern bathroom, and it is necessary in it .Lighting can make it drama by using the backlit light. The following is the tell you how to put the light.

1. Lighting in Entrance
Put the natural light( about 3000-4000K) in the entrance. The lighting in entrance is to ensure adequate lighint for evening and those times when the clouds roll in.
  A natural light will help you relaxt ,especially when you came home from a busy work day.
2. Lighting in Hallway
Float the light in the hallway.Hallway combines recessed and surface-mounted fixtures.put the light accessed the wall of hallway .Lights placed closer to the wall and with an etched diffuser should reduce or eliminate any glare.

3.  Task Lighting
Lighing on the task would make a romantic space. Some people would love to
This laundry and crafts room exemplifies this with task lighting in pendants at the island, under cabinet lighting for the countertops and a good amount of natural light from the window.

4. Cabinet Lighting
Choose the backlit cabinet, for example a backlit mirror cabinet would help to make the room bright with natural light and look bigger.


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