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LIghted magnifying mirror lighted magnifying mirror lighted magnifying mirror
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lighted magnifying mirror
How To Frame A Bathroom Mirror?
A bathroom mirror is not just a functional must-have item in one of the most used rooms in any house, it is also very often the focal point of a design statement that you are trying to make, so it is certainly important that you get it right when framing a bathroom mirror if you want to achieve the look you started out looking for.
Unsightly fixings
If you have fitted a plain mirror to your wall you probably have some plastic clips showing around the edges as part of the fixing required. These obviously detract from the general look and can be quite ugly, also potentially quite annoying if you have noticed them and your eyes are then drawn to them each time you go to look in the mirror.
Removing the clips
The most effective way of removing and replacing the clips is to use just an ordinary washer. Choose a washer size that is compatible with your original screw hole size and simply replace the plastic clips with washers that when the screw fixing to the wall is tightened, will hold the mirror in place. The advantage of using a washer is that you now have a flat surface fixing around the edges of the mirror that will enable you to fit a frame more easily by gluing the moldings to them.
Choosing a frame
Adding a frame to your bathroom mirror allows you the opportunity of adding a splash of color to contrast or compliment the decorative scheme that you already have in your bathroom. As an example, if you have aqua blue walls and the bathroom is heavily used by your kids, you might want to frame the mirror with a fun fish print design, you never know they might love it so much that they will want to brush their teeth more often. Whatever you are trying to achieve as a look in your bathroom, a well chosen frame design or color will creative a great finish.
Creating a frame
This is not as daunting a DIY task as it may seem and the essentials for the task are a pack of moldings to create the frame and a miter box, which is a plastic tool that will enable you to cut a perfect 45 degree angle every time with a miter saw that will probably come in the same kit altogether if you pick up the right one. The molding is fixed using liquid nails and you are advised to pick up a caulking gun at the same time, which is not very expensive (about $3) but will make the application far easier.
Applying the finishing touch
Once you have created your frame you can apply a paint finish and then add transfers if you like the idea of maybe adding some fun element to the mirror or really whatever takes your eye. The finished project will leave you with a good looking mirror that deserves to be a focal point in your bathroom and will also give you a fair amount of satisfaction at what you managed to create for a fraction of the cost of buying an expensive mirror from a department store.
Customers' question: What are LED Lights?
Answer from Lamxon:Have you ever consider an Illuminated Bathroom? Or having LED mirrors in your home? Another innovative idea is the LED Mirror Cabinet. With LED lights, certain intricate designs can make awe-inspiring wall displays or even dress up the dcor of your bathroom. Home decorations in the 21st century are taking on a life of their very own. Thanks to innovative technology like LED’s, making your home uniquely beautiful doesn’t need to be expensive.
You’ve more than likely have heard of infrared technology, but have you ever heard of it in a bathroom? By using LED light, the design becomes inexpensive and the option of purchase becomes incredibly affordable.
For example, a fuuly equipped LED mirror cabinet for your bathroom comes with infrared on/off sensors, shelfs and even a shaver socket inside.
Customers' question: What certificated you have?
Answer from Lamxon:Our products take the CE/TUV/UL/IS0 9001-2000 Certified.
Customers' question: How about the lifetime of your LED lights?
Answer from Lamxon:LED lights’ average life is 100,000 hours. And each products should pass our quality testing before shipment.
Customers' question: What is heated pad?
Answer from Lamxon: We usually call the mirror included demist function Bathroom Heated Mirror.
Heated mirrors is a subject that people are highly critical of because it affects their own
appearance. Designers in the hospitality industry have known this for years. If the customer looks good, they have a more pleasant experience and will want to come back.
Heated mirrors needs to be bright but not glaring, accurate yet flattering, and for public or
commercial spaces low maintenance and low power. And for bathroom mirror, the mirror should have no fog when having shower, usually a heated mirror pad should be installed.
The best Heated bathroom mirror surrounds the face with light. This provides light from all sides that minimizes shadows under the chin, eyes, cheeks, and forehead. and the mirror is always crystal clear even in the shower, the mirror is heated by a heated mirror pad, which can prevent the fog on the mirror. 

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