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Lamxon technology building materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of lighted bathroom mirror and mirror cabinet.Based on our strong design and product development capabilities, we can offer different design products for your market. All our products comply with CE and UL standards; and a 12-month warranty is provided. Besides, we have obtained ISO9001 certification for our management system. Now we have around 50 distributors in Europe, North America, and Southeas Asia, we also have 155 distributors across mainland China. If you are interested in our products, please don"t hesitate to contact us at any time.
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Lighted Mirror Cabinets
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Lighted Mirror Cabinets
Bathroom Medicine Cabinet
There are some things that you simply most always discover in a bathroom, the other of those things is really a medicine cabinet. Besides this being item an ordinary use of bathroom space, it also serves an extremely practical purpose – storage. In some cases, it’ll likewise double as a mirror. Whatever you need from bathroom medicine cabinets, you will find – nevertheless the real question is: what you want to actually choose?
A bathroom wall cabinet will come in numerous sizes and shapes. It can be manufactured from a variety of materials, have a wide range of styles, and it can be inexpensive or quite costly. Simply speaking, just about anything you want, you will find. In case your style is modern, there are many choices. Likewise, if you like classic, mission, neoclassic, or even Victorian style, you can find bathroom medicine cabinets available to suit your decorating scheme.
Customers' question: What is heated pad?
Answer from Lamxon: We usually call the mirror included demist function Bathroom Heated Mirror.
Heated mirrors is a subject that people are highly critical of because it affects their own
appearance. Designers in the hospitality industry have known this for years. If the customer looks
good, they have a more pleasant experience and will want to come back.
Heated mirrors needs to be bright but not glaring, accurate yet flattering, and for public or
commercial spaces low maintenance and low power. And for bathroom mirror, the mirror should
have no fog when having shower, usually a heated mirror pad should be installed.
The best Heated bathroom mirror surrounds the face with light. This provides light from all sides
that minimizes shadows under the chin, eyes, cheeks, and forehead. and the mirror is always
crystal clear even in the shower, the mirror is heated by a heated mirror pad, which can prevent the
fog on the mirror.  
Choose Mirror Cabinet that will Maximize Space
While bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in almost every house, these rooms are also often used as a storage place for a lot of items. Bathrooms are where you will find towels, grooming products, toiletries, makeup items, medicines, and other essential things that are used on a daily basis.
If you want to know how to avoid having a cluttered and overcrowded bathroom, then you should first know what type of bathroom cabinet you can use and fit in your bathroom. Installing the right kind of mirror cabinet and other bathroom storage units will help you keep your bathroom organized and elegant.

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